Professional Cuban musician graduated from the "Esteban Salas" Conservatory of Music in Santiago de Cuba specializing in violin and viola, composer, producer, and founder of Project VT Cuba.

From a very young age, he stood out in the musical environment of his country, participating in renowned projects that achieved international fame.

He obtained the Cubadisco Award for the production "Popularly Symphonic" in 2010 together with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Oriente where he participated as principal of the Viola section.

A recognized member of the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Company, together with them he had the opportunity to perform on important international stages such as the National Auditorium of Mexico playing in concerts for more than 10,000 people.

Throughout his musical career, he participated in notable television programs in his country such as "Quien Vive" (2017) and "La Banda Gigante" (2018), in the latter he achieved greater fame as a soloist and shared the stage with Cuban artists from international fame, some of them are Alain Perez, Arturo O'Farril, Omara Portuondo, among others.

His musical style is characterized by the influence of Afro-Cuban music and jazz, genres that he perfected through his participation in groups such as Francisco and his Cuban Afro Jazz and the Orquesta Típica of Santiago de Cuba.

In 2021 he was selected by the SAE Institute of Music Production, as one of the candidates chosen for the scholarship (Electroacoustic Music Production) at the international headquarters of said institution in Madrid. He has participated in different musical productions as a co-producer and studied with great teachers such as Quantic (a recognized producer in England) with whom he has also co-produced two songs on the album Atlantic Oscillations recording at the Siboney Studios in Santiago de Cuba in 2016, under the label Universal Music.

About Project VT Cuba: an innovative project in which he fuses the violin, viola, synthesizers, and other technological accessories that allow him to create and promote instrumental music by fusing it with different genres.

He is currently producing his first musical album in Miami in which he reflects on his compositions and his work as a performer, producer, and arranger. He also lives in New York and is studying for his Master's degree in the electric violin together with prominent musicians such as Martha Mooke, Joe Denitzon, and Regina Carter, among others.